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HKZ og 2000-5 knivbjælke / HKZ and HK2000-5 Trimmer Bar / HKZ und HK2000-5 Messerbalken

Unboxing - HK P2000

Welcome to my channel I unbox guns in short video format. I focus on what manufacturers include in their packaging but also discuss minor details or features of the platform. I hope you'll subscribe. Let me know if there are any particular unboxings you'd like me to do.

Miller Gun Company


This is a tabletop review of the HK P2000SK. In this video we will discuss the history, size and features of the firearm. In addition, we will demonstrate how to field strip and reassemble the gun for cleaning and inspection. Range performance will also be discussed along with different tested methods of carry and how comfortable it is to carry on a regular basis. Last, we will provide an overall opinion of how this firearm stacks up for concealed carry purposes. Thanks for watching!




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